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What to Ask About Warranties

February 4th, 2010

 I thought I’ve seen everything about warranties possible. I read these things and know the stipulations usually. A good warranty can make the difference between me opting to buy an item or not. But recently I came across a new (at least to me) policy that I’d not previously seen. As I seem to get no response from the company, I’m opening this up for grabs on here. Please feel free to respond if you have any clarifications for me on this topic. I bought a Linksys Router about 8 months ago from a local Wal-Mart. As always, I declined the service agreement that every retailer seems intent on shoving down consumer throats.

I’ve had a few issues with my Internet provider requiring a few tweaks of the router. When I wasn’t able to make these changes myself, I promptly contacted Linksys toll free number for assistance. Upon giving them my model number, it was determined that the particular model I had was out of warranty. I’d have to pay either $29 for a “one time” fix or $39 for six repairs or a six month period. What???

Since my router only cost $50, paying over half of its value to “tweak” the settings seemed like I was being robbed at gunpoint of my cash.

How could this be, since Linksys gave free product support for a full year after purchase? (And in fact, one of the reasons I purchased from the company)… I had registered the product promptly after purchasing. Linksys, according to what I was told, keeps no record of this date. A shocking fact, since registration is the key element of most warranties. According to the customer service representative I spoke with, if you purchased a product that was had been sitting on the shelf for over a year- you might be buying a brand new item with an expired warranty!

Of course, there is no way a consumer would know this before purchasing. You’d need the model number and you’d have to call the company to discover the details on warranty coverage. Is it just me, or does this seem like a huge rip off? When I explained this to the customer service agent, he informed me that he knew I’d bought it at Wal-Mart, but had no date for the purchase. Did I have a receipt? Unfortunately, my receipt was at the accountants, in preparation for taxes- along with all my other business information. Even with a receipt, he contested, that the model was too old for the free tech support. We argued for perhaps ten minutes on this verbatim. I asked for a manager and was put on hold for 27 minutes and then my call to outer Nepal (or wherever it was routed to) was disconnected.

When I called back, expecting to repeat the process, much to my shock a tech took the same model number and promptly aided me in fixing the router’s speed and efficiency. No questions asked about date of purchase. It was like the earlier conversation didn’t transpire.

The questions keeping me up late at night about this are:

 1. If we register Linksys items online, doesn’t the company keep a record of this date? What’s the purpose of registering online if not for upholding the warranty terms?

2. Does our warranty expire before we buy an older model product?

3. Or was the first customer service agent wrong? (Or possibly trying to squeak $30-$40 out of me?)

 4. Which customer service rep acted correctly? The one who fixed my item free or the earlier one?

5. Even if I’d had my receipt, would it have mattered according to their policy?

If anyone can shed some honest light on this, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, if you are making a Linksys router purchase, hold on to your receipt and be prepared to contest the terms with techs offering costly support assistance.


E.L.F. Valentines for Beautiful Cool Mommies!

January 27th, 2010

Eyes, Lips, and Face (E.L.F.) Cosmetics is truly one of my favorite finds of last year. In a house full of four makeup loving females, there is hardly a week that goes by without someone needing (or wanting) an eye shadow or mascara. Nearly half of their tremendous stock is priced happily at a buck.  That alone makes E.L.F. a worthwhile makeup diva’s dream. But where you really save is by waiting till E.L.F. offers specials or promotions. Some, like the one below, offer free products with a purchase. For only $10.00 in orders, you can snag a Valentine’s Day compact FREE. (Add code: REDMINI) to your shopping cart.

Shipping, however, is pretty standard at $7.95 regardless of the order, so that is a factor to consider. But the overall savings when you can pick up eyeliners, shadow quads, lipsticks and mascara (many of which fall under the $1.00 category) is huge- even in spite of paying shipping costs. Make regular checks to Deal Takers, who post coupon codes for E.L.F. before you make a purchase though, as you might find even greater savings offered via comparing offers.

Sign up for their (annoyingly) frequent newsletter and grab a coupon for $5.00 off any purchase. The one truly disappointing E.L.F. factor, however, is that coupon code stacking isn’t permitted. Coupons that give free shipping can’t be used in conjunction with offers like this Valentines Compact. Again, on an overall basis, E.L.F. is really savings and quality worthwhile. Shop E.L.F. and save on being a beautiful Cool Mommy.

elf cosmetics valentines day


Betty Crocker- $10 or Less Meals

January 25th, 2010

If you are still in recovery from holiday spending, or in a slump cooking, take time to investigate Betty Crocker’s site for meals $10 or less. In addition to some truly tasty meals al’ Betty Crocker, sign up for membership and gain newsletters, money saving coupons and special offers.

This weekend, I tried one of these recipes- a breeze by the way, as it simmered all day in the crock pot. And my kids actually consumed it without complaining.  Another site worth noting is Campbell’s Kitchen for easy breezy meals on the cheap. If you hop on Betty Crocker’s site the first of every month, you can print out the best selection of coupons. By the end of the month, the limit on many (including Yoplait, which always goes quick) is expended. So next week, be sure to pop over and grab the latest in coupons to make your $10 meals go even further! While you are on the Betty Crocker site,  check out the videos of cooking demonstrations. A few are pretty simplistic, but worth noting for their effort. If you aren’t familar with the basics of cooking or just like video media for learning culinary skills, you’ll enjoy this aspect too.

betty crocker 2


New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping- The Quest for a Qualified Tax Preparer in 2010

January 6th, 2010

When people make resolutions post New Years, it’s very likely at least some of these goals will include financial decisions, like saving more or budgeting.

However, one fiscal issue that shouldn’t be overlooked as we enter 2010 is tax issues. Changing tax credits and laws make this a challenge for the average American to keep up with.

How to get a handle on this? The best advice I can give is to find a qualified accountant. This is where I’m going to offer some personal info.

I’ve been stung by poor accounting both on my part and those of actual people I’ve paid to safeguard my resources and report fairly but with my best interest in mind. Stung enough that over the last four years and two accountants-I’m frustrated and fiscally poorer due to bad advice- and that is a trend that isn’t continuing this year. I’ve learned the hard way.

  1. One accountant failed for three years, (even though I mentioned several times), to claim my children in college. I didn’t know that you could claim these expensive prodigies until a friend noted she was. When I asked my accountant, he looked blankly at me for a moment and stated, “Uh, yes of course you can claim them. You mean we didn’t do so last year?” (Or the year before, or the year before- you get the picture).
  2. The same accountant also failed to inform me that trading a particular child to claim with my ex-husband would cost me. The child in question is the youngest. The tax credit I’d get for her meant over a thousand dollar difference in my return. Oops.
  3. And, uh…I wouldn’t want to say that even though I’d driven down to his office and signed my return, somehow the federal government never got it. Four months later it was discovered that “maybe” it wasn’t sent at all.
  4. I switched accountants. Only to be rewarded by a person who offered decent advice to a point. However, when I queried her on the American Opportunity 2009/2010 deductions regarding kids college expenses (like computers required by the schools I’d bought for them or textbooks) she said, “Oh, yeah. I think I’ve heard about that. I’ll check.” I handed her an article I’d printed out regarding this from the IRS website. Her response? “Wow. This might help you.” (Not if I hadn’t called it to her attention).
  5. Even though I gave her my tax info months and months (four to be exact) nothing was touched regarding a state credit that got mixed up and was supposed to be sorted so I’d get my refund. It wasn’t tax season, so she wasn’t working full time. My papers sat until I called incessantly demanding an answer, threatening a “going postal” maneuver.

I don’t have time to deal with this. In my world, a busy one, with five dependant kids of varying stages of independence, a career writing and a passel of health issues that often plague me, along with the single parent “stuff”- I want someone I pay to sort it for me.

I’m a fairly apt individual and resourceful, as well. I liken this to car upkeep and repairs. In the decade plus that I’ve been divorced, given that I’ve learned everything from driving a forklift (so I could teach OSHA training to factory workers) to expert witness work on safety issues, to changing deadbolts and installing a security system, I think I could learn also, to change my own oil.

 I reject this, however, because it’s easier and cheaper for me to have a qualified soul do so. It’s worth the $20.00 for a pro oil change.  It’s irrelevant in my world to learn this task. And I’m a control freak, so I carefully choose what I want others to do for me. (Think of me like Jack Nicholson in “As Good as It Gets”)

Likewise, I delegate tax issues to the skilled and knowledgeable. I don’t really care how tax refunds or filings work as long as it does. And that it’s right. I wouldn’t want to research and inform my mechanic about the proper oil to use for winter or bug him that my car’s been sitting in his parking lot for five months.

 I also don’t want an accountant that I have to coddle, read articles on MSN to take into their office so new tax credits can be noted and deducted or threaten to punch. Most of all I want to be educated on how to be smarter in the coming year with my taxable income. It’s got to be easier than this. I am paying for this frustration after all. I don’t want to go to prison because I’ve not paid something important nor for beating up my accountant. Surely this shouldn’t be this stressful, right?

In chatting with others I’ve found I’m not alone. One friend went home with her newly done tax return, downloaded a free program and found four more deductions her $175.00 “professional” return showed. Another friend had a refund error and spent five months tracking her accountant who was clinically golfing in off tax season.

Mind you, there are some wonderful, fabulous accountants out there. When we owned a few companies, I was privileged to work side by side with several. The profession itself nor the people are bad- but like any partnership you need to find a harmonious relationship. And you need to find folks who are skilled and up to date.

How to find Mr. Right (or Ms. Right) Accountant:

  1. Interview – Get to know them, instead of making an appointment, sauntering in and launching into filing with a brand new accountant. I suspect after my tax faux pas I didn’t interview the new accountant, I grilled him, ala inquisition style. I feel sorry for the guy, but he held up well. Like attorneys, many accountants will see you free (as this one did) for an initial visit.
  2. Ask Questions: When you talk with your new or current accountant, ask them to tell you about tax credits phasing out or new ones that may affect you. See if they are knowledgeable about current information. Pin them down to exact ones terminology and see if they can talk extensively. When the information begins to go over my head and the only sound is the clicking of my accountant’s calculator as he (from memory) compares various deductions, I suspect I’ve found someone who doesn’t have to look every tax morsel up.
  3. Accessible: One of my biggest frustrations in finding the perfect accountant was seeing how these guys can disappear immediately after tax season. What if you have a problem that doesn’t surface till months after you’ve filed? I made the mistake picking a gal who only worked (even during tax season), two days a week and who took long periods off after tax season. Another accountant I had was a CPA and a partner in his firm. Turns out he only worked during tax season and vacationed for entire months later. Ask what your accountant’s yearly schedule is like- not just the office hours. You don’t want to explain all your tax woes to someone new or wait till the person who did your filing is available.
  4. Get Advice: I love the good ol’ USA. I’m not opposed to paying taxes to our country. I am however, deeply opposed to watching my money flow back to the government because of poor decisions I’ve made. If I can budget myself and learn to use coupons to stretch a dollar, seems like I should have the ability to acquire some tax savvy too. I want a plan. And I want my accountant to let me in on this process. If saving money in other ways involves planning and knowledge, surely saving money all year to get a decent refund involves the same qualities. I’m paying the accountant for this. I’ll even pay extra if it’s excellent advice. But I want to be advised. Find an accountant who gives advice on how to be tax savvy all year.
  5. CPA’s Versus Accountants: A CPA has passed state-administered tests and frequent re-certifications. Fees are higher for CPA usually, than non-CPA’s. However, it’s been my experience that there are many non-CPA’s who excel in tax preparation. This is why you should spend time getting to know what they have to offer.
  6. Get Referrals:  Network and discover the accountant’s clients. If you know a few very satisfied folks it’s a very good sign you’ve discovered a qualified person. I’d throw one word of caution in here though- compare individuals in similar financial situations to you.  If you own a small business, seek other small business owner’s advice. Don’t pick your friend with a $300K income and a family fortune to ask if you are making $42K and struggling as a single parent. Some people have accountants on retainer and get a higher level of service than we, mere mortals, will receive.
  7. Ask for Long-Term Advice: If you are planning anything in the coming year(s) that is dramatic, divorce, getting married, starting or ending a business, incorporating, having a child, sending a kid to college, etc.- ask for tax savings suggestions before these areas present themselves later.

 My goal in 2010- make that my resolution- is to get a handle on too many of these tax issues that have slipped by me in years past. I find it incomprehensible that I’ve had to refile three years, still have a pending, open state refund that isn’t being worked on and that I’m beginning the year, uncertain if I’ve made the right decisions last year to assure a decent refund this year- all the while paying for tax assistance.  I’m resolving to correct that this year. Get to know a good accountant and work on understanding smart tax moves in 2010, to make your 2011 filing less stressful and fiscally sound.


Stocking Stuffer Last Minute Options

December 23rd, 2009


You’re always looking for those last minute stocking stuffers, and today we have some really good places to find them! Start out with Target, because they have some really good sales on those last minute knickknacks. Some of their sales include items for the whole family, such as gifts for him, her, a teen girl or boy, a little girl or boy, a baby and even for couples.

is having some great sales this week on stocking stuffers. You can get a variety of gifts for under $5. They have a great selection and have almost everything you need for the holidays! Hair, makeup and accessories, personal care, green and natural products, etc. All these things could be yours if you shop at the one stop . Pick up a gift certificate for and let your family or friends enjoy the ongoing sale prices which are extended till after Christmas!

Some great ideas for stocking stuffers could be found anywhere around your town! Paperback books, socks, energy bars, gift certificates, small soaps, etc are all extremely easy things to get for a teen or young adult. Some useful items to get for others are things like gloves, ice-scrapers, de-icers, hair ties, and office/school supplies. Check out Wal-Mart, Kohl’s and Staples hot sales offerings for many of these items. Never neglect the possibility of Dollar Tree or Dollar General’s fare as well for stocking stuffer mania!


Tick, Tock, Everything's Winding Down!

December 21st, 2009

If you are one of those consummate late shoppers (or simply want to take part in some last minute savings) there are many great deals being offered by retailers this week. Since Christmas is a mere four days away, these sales are continually changing. Some of the best deals aren’t on the items themselves, but rather on shipping costs. Most retailers this week are offering free upgrade shipping. This really does save a bundle. (At least $10 on many standard ship orders).

Unlike many years, though, I’ve noticed few retailers selling out of items. This will likely mean excellent post-holiday savings as well. As with all online purchases, use your Ebates account for super holiday cashback bonuses. And pay with your rewards credit card. If you can use both of these options, you will save up to another 12-15% depending on the retailer.

Here are today’s picks-

The Body Shop- “Last Call for Free Upgrade Shipping.” Order by 9 a.m. EST, Tuesday and you’ll get free upgraded shipping. Plus 30% off all gift sets and holiday items.

- Order today by 3 p.m., get your items cheapest all week (3 day delivery). There is no “free upgrade” shipping here, BUT a better option is to buy an e-gift card to their sister store, You’ll give more “bang” for your buck.

- Use offer code INET1224 to get $3 off any order and have an item produced for family or friends that’s beyond the ordinary. In case you aren’t familiar with this store, these are delightfully arranged fresh fruit “bouquets”. Have your items dipped in chocolate for extra tasty Santa delights. The best way to save money on this offer is to have a store create an item for pickup by your recipient. You’ll save on delivery charges (up to $10). The downside to Edible Arrangements is lack of availability in parts of the US. (We only have about 5 stores in Indiana). Call 1-800-DO-FRUIT or verify on their site for locations.

Express- Final day today for FREE express shipping. Order by noon EST today to score this savings. Plus, get 40% off all holiday purchases. The 15 off $60 purchase deal is still ongoing as well. (You can print a coupon on their site to take into stores or use offer code 4658 online).


How To Save Money On DVDs and Entertainment This Holiday Season

December 14th, 2009

This Christmas will be one of the most cash-strapped in recent memory. During this time of economic uncertainty, with American families slashing budgets, it”s usually the entertainment section that is first to go. With the run up to this holiday season, finding a sack of cash with a huge dollar sign on it is usually not something most of us will encounter. So what can families do to save on DVDs and entertainment this Christmas? We have a few options for you.

During this time of year, most big box stores like Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target offer considerable discounts on DVDs and Blu-rays, especially on new releases. When movies arrive in stores, generally on Tuesdays, they offer great prices for that week and sometimes just for that day. Ranging from $12.99 to $15.99, picking up new releases when they come out can save a lot of cash. The same goes for Blu-rays but their prices are generally more than typical DVDs. If you”ve missed out on all the savings from Black Friday, and who can blame you, these large stores will go on to offer consumers many discounts.

Tip: If you don”t want to fork out $12 to $15 for the DVD you can always watch the movie onDemand with Dish Network or Comcast, or better yet rent the movie from a Redbox in your local grocery store for $1!

If new releases Join Rocky Duck on his musical journey to rock ‘n’ roll fame in the all new Sock Hop online Slots, a free online slots game from Pogo. aren”t on your gift list, then you may have an easier time picking up discounted older movies. These same stores, along with many grocery stores, have discount bins filled with movies that A) they have too much stock of B) they are “classics” or C) they are items advertised in mailers to draw in some Christmas traffic. If you spend the time looking through the bins and the loved one you are buying presents for isn”t picky, you can land some pretty good movies. Then again, if your friend likes bad movies, then all the better. I”m sure Short Circuit 2 will do just fine. At Target, they usually designate a spot adjacent to the Electronics section for $5 movies. Most of them are children”s movies so if you”re buying for a little one, this is a great place to go. They also offer great prices and sales for other items all the time.

Retail isn”t the only place for deals on DVDs and TV shows like . Sites like eBay, and Amazon also offer fantastic deals especially if there is a specific item you are looking for. People generally have mixed feelings about eBay either because of bad experiences or distrust of others, but excellent deals, especially on hard-to-find films, can be found on the site. A lot of folks prefer Amazon for their movie and entertainment needs because of the great pricing on items from private sellers. If you go to a listing on Amazon, near the Amazon price –the site usually beats retail stores even with shipping– you can see a “Used” price. These are folks/companies that are selling those same items for much lower costs. Amazon also has more stringent policies regarding their sellers so feel free to purchase from them with ease of mind. eBay-owned also has similar policies to Amazon and offers solid discounts.

It may literally save you money to research prices on music, DVDs, Blu-rays or video games between retail outlets and online. Sites like, and run price comparisons on anything from electronics to movies, clothing, games (both video and board) to even trumpets, pet carriers and bedding. Still, even through their powerful search engines, nothing beats actual time and research put into your shopping.


This Weekend Only Vista Print’s Newest FREE Items!

December 13th, 2009

Vista Print, who I blogged on earlier this week, just launched their newest FREE deals. These expire at midnight Sunday, so get them while their hot and in time for the holidays. You have a variety of 100 percent free items, such as T-Shirts, Key Chains, Address Labels, Photo Books, Car Magnets, Small Magnets and Notecards on their site. If you’ve never ordered from Vista Print before, they have high quality items and eventually offer most of their products for free (with limited quantities).

You can get great, professional business cards, pens, and other promotional materials, too. Most items cost only a small shipping fee. In the past, I’ve given Vista Print items to family and friends for birthdays and holidays and have been thrilled with the quality.

When you get to the site, don’t forget to sign up for their email updates so you won’t miss these sales. Also, navigating the site is a bit of a challenge, when you are digging up the freebies. Two ways to find these are clicking on the tab that says, “free” to bring up a short list. HOWEVER- if you look at the list below and compare it with the one below, all of these items aren’t included in that drop down menu on the site. You’ll need to take these items below and enter into the search bar. For example, type in “key chain” and you’ll pull it up. I wish they’d make the site a little easier to navigate to find these, but given all the freebies offered, I’m not complaining too loudly. When you place your order, you’ll be taken to about five pages of other options (all of these cost money). If you’re only interested in free products, simply click next until you get to the shopping cart. Shipping is usually under $10 for a large order, btw. Cick here to go to their site.

These deals blow away other discounts currently offered by chains like Walgreens, CVS and Walmart’s photo processing in the way of cost. You’ll have to order now to get by the holidays, unless you bump this up to expedited delivery. With express delivery being so pricey, you won’t want to wait! I suspect this weekend’s deals are the last you’ll be able to get in time for the holidays without paying a large surcharge. Act fast to get these, while the sale lasts!


vista print 2


Once a Year Cruise Deals- Bahamas Cruise for 2 FREE!!!

December 12th, 2009

 I had to look twice at this one. I even called the company and had a lovely time chatting with at least two customer service reps to verify this offer. Yes. I happily report it’s true. You can pick up a cruise package for FREE right now with Caribbean Cruise. Pay ONLY the port fee (for two its $118.00 total) and you’re in!

What’s the catch? According to the company there isn’t one. You don’t need to subject yourself to tours of condos you can’t afford, listen to endless sales pitches on Branson, Missouri or even sell your kids to pay for hidden surcharges. This offer is for the newbies to cruising and is only valid for a short time.

What do you get for this deal?

According to Caribbean Cruise:

You’ll get a 2 night cruise to Nassau, Bahamas, including your cabin, meals and entertainment. Come see why our flag ship, the beautiful Bahamas Celebration, was recently named the “Best New Bahamas Getaway Cruise” by Porthole magazine. As our guest you’ll enjoy our four restaurants, spa, casino, 2 story night club, kid’s water park and more. We’re so sure you’ll enjoy yourself and become a repeat customer, that we’re giving you this first cruise for FREE!

 I even succumbed and bought one for my parents’ holiday present. I guess they will be my guinea pigs on this deal, so I hope it’s as good as it appears. The ship sails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and this package is only a brief 2 day trip. However, the regular price exceeds $500.00 for two. All food is free and buffet style, except their upscale restaurant, which is $25.00 a person to dine in.

Upgrades to an outside cabin are pricey, adding over $140 to the cost. And the cruise line reserves the right to charge a surcharge of $9 a person per day ($18 for each guest) if crude oil exceeds $40 a barrel.

Those who book this deal have 18 months to use the package and a minimum of a sixty day advance notice is needed to plan the dates of travel. It does not cover hotels the night prior to embarking nor the night when the ship returns. Likewise transportation to Ft. Lauderdale is not inclusive. My folks will have to figure that out on their own, but I think they are up to the challenge. I did a Google search on the company for bad reviews and found nothing but glowing reports, which were difficult to discern from advertisements, actually. But there were no negative consumer reports or BBB dings to be found, which I believe to be a positive reason to try this offer. (Plus you get to hear Carmen Electra, spokeswoman, while on hold with Caribbean Cruise extolling the virtues of the cruising with Caribbean).

 The company will try to sell you various upgrades, from better cabins to insurance, to extended stays. Refuse all of the extended packages because you’ll probably have to sit through those dreary presentations according to one CSR I spoke with. To book, simply fill out this form. After you are sent to a page with your confirmation information, you’ll need to call the company and finalize the purchase. Cough up no money until all your questions are answered. CSR’s are very helpful and patient with your queries. Package info will be emailed to you, along with a link to the site’s booking page. If you like you can also have the documents sent to you via snail mail- simply ask for this option.

This two day deal is a great buy and very flexible. You’ll find other cruise packages, but none that offer this low, low price with as many options to book currently. If you’re looking for a special holiday gift or simply a short jaunt to a tropical paradise, you can’t go wrong with Caribbean’s hot sale. Hurry and enjoy the savings, this deal will soon be sailing away!


Victoria’s Secret and Sephora, Hot Deals!!! Free Stuff!!!

December 11th, 2009

Victoria’s Secret & Sephora- Female Friendly Festival of Saving! What could make most women stampede for a sale? Victoria Secret’s collections of beautiful lingerie, sleepwear, clothing and fragrances might be on top of the list. Throw in free glam makeup ala Sephora and you’ve got a recipe for deal happy females. Today there are some, “act fast” savings from each of these great retailers. Since it seems deal shopping is the name of the game most holidays, and this one in particular- you shouldn’t hesitate too long on these bargains.

 From Victoria’s Secret:

1. FREE SHIPPING TODAY ONLY! Online any item, anything. Get it now and get it with zero ship costs. From a fiscal perspective, shipping is “lost” money. Anytime you can get this, it makes a standalone deal in of itself. Use code- SHIPFREE

2. Sign up for Pink Nation and Get a Free Solid Color Tank. Simply join the Pink Nation and print your coupon to take in the store. You need to make any purchase to get this goodie, but there is no minimum amount.

3. GET $10 coupon when you buy $50 of Pink items by signing up. It’s on the same printable coupon as above. One coupon, two deals. You don’t have to use both to get the free tank.

4. Shop the savings- Get 7 pair Pink brand panties for only $24.50 (expires Sunday).

 5. Play Pink and Win- After you sign up to be a member or if you are a member already, once you are logged into your Pink page click on the game tab on the far left. You’ll have a chance to spin the wheel and win a $10 egift certificate. Odds of winning are 1/250 and you can play all day if you’d like till you win.

 From Sephora:

1. Print this coupon for JC Penney’s Sephora and gain a free sample of Bare Escentuals Mineral Matte makeup and baby kabuki brush. As BE makeup addict, I can say that the brush alone is worth finding a close proximety  Sephora/JC Penney’s. The makeup is a dream if you’ve never tried BE before. All of my friends, daughters and family who have sampled it love it! Get this for yourself or as a stocking stuffer. No purchase necessary and if they are out of this product, the coupon states you can get a substitution- so at least you won’t be out a trip!

2. Take this coupon into Sephora also (only at JC Penney) and get your choice of makeup listed also. Pick from LORAC’s TANtalizer Baked Bronzer, or a Mini Couture Shine Liquid lip gloss. (This one may be gone, but I’ve included it since it’s a great sample if you can find any stores that still have it). While you are there, ask for any other free samples or trials. Sephora has many other promotions that are worth, well, sampling. :)


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