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Today’s CVS Coupons

May 7th, 2009

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My Son Asked Me About Sex!

May 6th, 2009

Well, it finally happened. My 10 year old (or rather soon to be 10 year old) son told me that one of his church mates talked to him about SEX! Oops! Looks like the time has come for us to explain the birds and the bees to him. But before I tell you what we did, said or our action plan, here is a brief background on how I learned about sex.

I did not learn them from my parents. My parents did not speak to me about sex at all. Guess I picked it up myself. Same goes with hubby. I spoke to hubby about it and he decided to do daddy’s duty and talk to our eldest son about the birds and the bees.

At 9:00pm last night, I called hubby and said it was time for the “conversation”. He was obviously caught off guard. “You mean right now” he said. But he got on to it and according to him, the conversation went something like that.

Hubby: Son, you want to know about sex?

Son: Yes, my friend spoke to me about it.

Hubby: Well, this is a complicated matter and I will need a few weeks to explain this fully to you. So consider today session one. I will not talk too much about it, but I would like to lay down some ground work. Is that cool?

Son: Why can’t you tell me everything now?

Hubby: That is because I have to prepare what to tell you. It’s just like your teacher. He or she has to prepare for your semester during summer. They have to know what to teach you during the first week, second week and so forth. I need to plan what to tell you and how to teach you as well. Understand?

Son: Yes

Hubby: Well, before I go on, here are the ground rules. First, you are not to bring up this matter to anyone because this is a private matter. I do not want you talking about this to your friends. That is because if your friends tell their parents that you talked to them about sex, they may not like it. Also, like I mentioned earlier, it is a private matter. Friends may also tell you the wrong thing. If you have any questions about sex, I want you to ask either Mommy or Daddy, understand?

Son: Yes.

Hubby: Well, today, I’m just going to give you an introduction. Sex is something Mommy and Daddy does. In fact, it is something married couples do. It is from sex that we produced babies and that was how you were created. In the next few weeks, I am going to describe to you in more detail of what happens during sex. I will also find a couple of books for you to read. But for now, take it as something that married adult couples do.

Son: Daddy, I have a question. My friend says that sex is disgusting. Is that true.

Hubby: No it is not. It is a wonderful thing. Son, right now, you do not like girls right. (Son nodding his head). You prefer to play with guys. In a couple of years, you may actually start to like girls and have feelings for them. You do not understand it now, but in time you will.

OK – that is the end of today’s lesson. Over the next few weeks, I will give talking to you more about the matter.

Well, I guess hubby was glad session one was over? How have you handled such matters. Would appreciate if you could share your thoughts and tips.


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