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Celebrating Your Anniversary With Your Kids

October 7th, 2014

Last Saturday, we arrived in Orlando (via driving) for spring break. We arrived close to midnight and so we were really tired. Back home, we had already made a reservation at Wolfgang Puck at Disney. Hubby made the reservations and he actually noted the confirmation number in my iPhone.

On Sunday Morning, hubby could not find his underwear and so we actually headed out to the Premium Outlets and did some shopping. Hubby got a few new undies at “Calvin Klein” and he spent about $39 or so! (just for 6 of them).

Meanwhile, I blew $350 on a jfajfldsafjkajl;.

But last Sunday was our 12th anniversary. But because we were on vacation, we didn’t bother to get a baby sitter. So we told out kids about the anniversary dinner and we made the three of them promise a few things :

  • No arguing where to go for dinner (obviously)
  • Behave well at the restaurant
  • No fighting over frivolous things for the day
  • Eat well during dinner
  • Turns out that the kids were pretty well behaved that day. At 7:00pm sharp, we arrived at Wolfgang Puck. The hostess didn’t seat us until we actually gave our “reservation

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    number”! Thank goodness we had it in my iPhone.

    Hubby had a four course “steak dinner”, but I couldn’t decide what to have. I initially wanted a

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    Happy Father’s Day!

    June 22nd, 2009

    Indeed, this special day should be like any other day. NORMAL.

    Even though I didn’t get breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, I made sure he gets it. However, as we all slept in & I jumped out of bed at 9.15am & got the kids to help with an easy breakfast – toasted ham & cheese sandwich – one of his favorite, by the time we got it to him, we found him in the bathroom – brushing his teeth. At least I tried.

    No cards but I got him a T-shirt from Kmart that says “#1 DAD”. Hey, how many of you actually got one? I even sent one to Grandpa (his dad) who lives one world away – one that says “World’s greatest Grandad”.

    June is another crazy month – end of school year parties (gifts for teachers), 2 of my kids birthdays and they all want a birthday party. Plus, I have to get Father’s Day gifts & his mom’s birthday is on June 26. This year she is turning 70 and we have no clue what to send to her. The card is still sitting on the desk, all signed.

    Still, I promise myself I will show my love for him by writing the top 10 things why I think he deserved a Happy Father’s Day.

    1. He helps me with dirty dishes and laundry.
    2. He wakes up early (& lets me sleep in) on weekends and make pancakes for the kids.
    3. He takes the kids to ballet, soccer, baseball or swimming when I needs his help.
    5. He runs out to buy milk when we run out.
    6. He puts the kids to bed almost every night. (In the last 2 years since I got too involved with PTO stuff)
    7. He helps with the kids science project.
    8. He helps with homework when I am not able to. (Frequently this year as I got too involved in PTO stuff)
    9. He helps to cook dinner when I am not able to. (he knows I dislike buying takeouts)
    10. Last but not least, he is always there when we needed him.



    Do husbands listen? NO.

    June 18th, 2009

    I love my husband for his faithfulness, intelligence, resilience among many other wonderful qualities but his absentmindedness drives me insane. I cannot rationalize how a smart person cannot remember even the simplest things.

    And you would think when it comes to the kids, he would pay more attention. No. For instance, tonight, I was going to my weekly yoga (which I skipped for more than 2 weeks because of my son’s baseball games) and told him to pick up the 2 younger ones from our neighbor’s when he returns from the baseball practice with our oldest, of course he didn’t. When I brought the little ones home, he was staring into the laptop while our oldest came downstairs after he showered up. So, what was Daddy doing in the meantime? Did he not realize that the kids are missing when he came home. No. He was more concern about what was going on in the cyberworld and his own little world.

    But he loves taking the kids to their baseball or ballet practices & games, or movies, meals and toy store and whatever activities they have. And he loves all of them to death. So, he is a wonderful dad. Nevertheless, I need to

    vent and I’ll be nice and do it today instead of on Father’s day.

    I decided to list down a couple of things that he forgets :
    1. To replace the light bulbs that needs replacing
    2. To change the air filter
    3. To hang up my framed pictures
    4. To clean up his pile of year old receipts in the bathroom, nightstand & computer desks
    5. Fix that squeaky toilet door
    6. Make the appointment to remove his wisdom tooth (that problem first started 10 years ago)
    7. To return his friend’s cooler bag
    8. To tidy up the computer desk area
    9. To sell my daughter’s doll house on craigslist
    10. To help me in yard cleanup
    11. To change water filter on our kitchen sink tap (it’s been 6 months!)
    12. To replace a screwdriver he lost a year ago
    13. To fix a broken kitchen drawer
    14. To setup Quicken for our business accounts
    15. To put the toilet seat down EVERYTIME after he use it
    16. To put everything back after he cooks
    17. To a million other things that I didn’t list down.

    Do you have one of those at home too?
    Yes? Write & share your list/experiences.
    No ? You must have the perfect husband then.

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    My Super Daddy Husband

    January 19th, 2008

    Being a full time mom to 3 wonderful kids, I was very very hesitant about attending this Internet Boot Camp. You know how it is - getting ready for school, eating mac n cheese or pizzas every night, forgetting homework, choir & violin practice etc….. How can I expect my husband to manage all that plus his daytime job ?

    Luckily, I got my 2 neighbors & a very capable part time babysitter to help for Thursday & Friday. Then daddy duty goes full time on Saturday, Sunday & Monday. I think he will go bonkers by Monday night as the kids have no school due to Martin Luther King Day. Then I found out on the way to the workshop that my travelling companion & I have booked separate return dates. I thought we were coming home on Monday & he booked Tuesday ! My dear friend is recovering from a brain injury & he is starting a new website – see  So, I ended up changing my return date to Tuesday because I really want to travel with him.

    Fortunately, my husband is the one who pushed me to sign up for this & he is OK about me coming home later. He said : “Enjoy youselves!” 

    There was so much preparation to ensure that I leave with a peace of mind. Preparing for the workshop was much easier – only 2 steps that took me half an hour. I even typed the routine from Thursday to Monday, spent the whole Wednesday afternoon cooking chicken stew, spareribs with blackbean sauce & Bolognese sauce.

    Then, I have to show my husband the kids closet & how to match the outfits for church. (and it”s going to be very cold this weekend) I think he will have problems finding the kids underwear & socks by Sunday.

    Actually,  I have to give him alot of credit. He has been a great daddy : takes them to their favorite restaurant, plays baseball with them, bath them, reads to them, make wonderful breakfast for them on weekends, goes trick or treating with them, showers them with their favorite book or toys, goes on fun roller coaster rides, you get the point.

    Thank you, pie (I know you will read this) – thank you for this wonderful opportunity for me to learn how to set up a website & a chance to do something that I never thought I could ever do. I love you – my super daddy husband. 



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