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Have you seen your child’s cafeteria food ?

January 18th, 2008

Have you ever visited your child’s cafeteria to see what they serve ? Or even looked at their menu ? In my son’s elementary school, there is only two choices each day. Pizza day is Wednesday. On top of the terribly unappetizing food (like the chewy hotdogs), the choice of drink that comes with the lunch is milk. Bottled water is charged at 50 cents. I learnt recently that is because of the subsidies that these “big corporations” give to the federal government. Isn’t that outrageous ? And the milk isn’t even organic. So, your child is getting their chicken nuggets, cheeseburger & milk with unnecessary “antibiotics”.

I like what Jamie Oliver (celebrity chef of UK, sort of like our Rachel Ray) did to the UK school cafeteria. He revolutionized it by showing the kids what goes into the chicken nuggets that they love & showed them what is eating natural foods. The kids were absolutely disgusted !

 We need to REVOLUTIONIZE the cafeteria food here in the US ! And it be good if celebrity chefs like Rachel Ray & Wolfgang Puck could help in this worthy cause.


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