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Social Media Networking – is it a benefit or distraction?

February 23rd, 2009

So what is the big deal about My Space, Facebook & Twitter? (not counting YouTube)

I signed up for Facebook 3 months after my brother (who lives in another continent) sent me an invitation. The reason why I took so long to sign up is that I did not have time to investigate and learn about it and didn’t want to “just” join in. I heard about it but my day and night is so jam packed and even finding time to blog is hard. Hence, I shelved it until one night in Oct 08 and was watching TV and surfing the net, I decided to check it out.

It was a life altering experience. First, I found so many old friends, some of whom I have not seen for 20 years! As we have moved away for more than 10 years now, it is even more precious to keep and maintain those long lost friendship. Then I found out that my family can “see” what has been happening to our lives all the time. (Of course, it is also an open book to every single “friends” on your FB.)

Another thing I like is that I can chat instantly on FB with any of my friends if they are online at the same time. I know this capability existed a long time ago – I just was never into it. It’s like texting but it is free.

One feature I really like is that my iphone has an app for FB. That means I can update my status, take & send pics wherever I am! Yay, I can be spontaneous!

However, you can get “addicted” and spend endless amount of time on FB. Like another friend said – just another time consuming thing to do? Do I really need that. YES!!!! Saves me time calling my family and inlaws and updating them our lives. They can see it on FB. My nieces and nephews are also my friends and it’s great to know a little of their social life and see their friends.

It is also great that you can become a fan of your favorite causes/persons/things etc, send flowers/drinks/candies etc etc for free.

Most important, it makes you feel like you have you social life back. Now that, is something to love about, don’t you think? However, spending on FB means you spend less time on other chores, hobbies and maybe even times with your kids. Especially when you are new to it, there is so much to explore.

What about Twitter? It is very similar but works by “following” an individuals(s). Somebody mentioned that there is a way to link your facebook update with Twitter. Have to find out more. It is certainly a very effective way to broadcast any message, like advertising a special promotion or website.

Hopefully, once is completed, these social media networking tools will certainly be useful. There is no denying that SMN is here to stay so it is up to you to make it a benefit and not a distraction.

I said YES to and starts a whole new life!


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