Baby Clothing Guide

Baby Boy Clothing & Baby Girl Clothing Guide

If you are a new mom then here is your guide for your baby clothing.

As we know young babies are not very good at regulating their body temperature, they can become overheated if they wear too much clothing. As a general rule, dress your baby with the same amount of clothing that you are wearing plus one additional thin layer. And always check your baby for temperature changes.

Baby should be dressed on a flat surface like a baby changing table, the floor, or a bed. When dressing for babies, you should carefully guide their head and arms through all openings to avoid the nose and fingers from getting squashed or caught.

Tips for Changing Baby Clothing

  • Be prepared. Before you begin changing your baby, you should set out your baby’s clothes on the changing table or bed
  • Whether your baby is being strapped onto a changing table or has never rolled over before, never leave your baby unattended on a changing table or bed
  • Stretch the openings of your baby’s clothes before you try to place it over your baby’s head. Reach into the sleeves and gently pull your baby’s hand through rather than pushing your baby’s arms. Be careful not to bend your baby’s fingers and toes the wrong way.
  • Remove your baby’s clothing by gently taking your baby’s arms out one at a time and then lifting the garment over your baby’s face.

Choosing Baby Clothing

It is best to choose baby clothing that has large head openings, stretchy fabric or clothing that could be open down the front. You should also consider baby clothing that does not need to be completely removed when changing nappy. Clothing with wide sleeves is more preferred than those with tiny armholes.

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