Kids Educational Toys and Gift Ideas

Toys are an important educational aid. It helps babies and toddler to develop abilities to function separately from parents. It can also help them to realize the connection between enjoyment and learning.

When selecting baby toys, be realistic about your baby’s age and abilities. It is important to purchase toys that are safe and appropriate for their age. Avoid buying those that are too big or loud enough to be scary for them.

Also, steer away from toys and games that has small parts and pieces that may choke your baby.

Babies and toddlers should be introduced to a variety of toy selections and activities as it stimulates different skills development.

Bright Color Toys

By about four months old, babies are more likely to appreciate toys that rattles and other similar toys that they can look at or listen to. At first, babies’ visions are fuzzy, so they are attracted to toys that has bright color and high-contrast pattern because these toys are easy for them to see.

Hand Held Toys

During the first few months, babies can only see objects that are about 8 to 14 inches from their eyes. Hand held toys are appropriate because it can accommodate to their nearsightedness.

Musical Toys

Objects that produce gentle sound and make slow movement can also grasp the infant interests. Music box that plays soft music is one of the great ways to entertain an infant.

Baby Book

When reading for babies, choose books that has high contrast patterns to better attract their attention.

Sensory and Ball Toys

Toys that makes soft sounds when it is pressed encourages baby to reach out for it. Over time babies will learn to control their hand and reaching for toys that interest them. Baby hand-eye co-ordination and mobility can be stimulated by introducing to them sensory toys and ball toys.

Other Great Toys for Babies

Babies are drawn to human faces so they are fascinated with their own reflection. Baby toys such as an unbreakable mirror that can he fasten to the crib can make a great baby gift.

Toddler Toys and Toddler Gifts Idea

As babies grows, different toys should be introduced to stimulate their social and skills development.

Board games teaches toddler about team work and competition. It may also enhance toddler vocabulary and conversational skills.

Teddies and dolls help children to develop and articulate their emotions and caring.

Older children may find games that has rules, and games that can be played by themselves and with others more entertaining. These games help them to learn about relationships with others, as well as structure and discipline.

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