Child Reading & Writing Guide

One of the best ways to stimulate your child reading interest is to read to them from a very early age. And letting them see you read will also help the stimulating process.

Encourage your child to explore their curiosity about reading and writing. Forming letters and spelling out words can become an activity to help them to develop their range of abilities even before they reach school age.

Try to make written language an everyday meaningful experience. Because most children learn to read by being read to and exposed to the printed word in their daily lives, reading heavily illustrated books with lots of repeated text will encourage your child through word recognition and association with pictures.

How to Stimulate Your Child Learning Process

There are different ways you can try to stimulate your child reading process. For example, younger children may find the familiarity of nursery rhyme and song books more enjoyable. Making this a part of a bedtime routine will ...

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Kids Educational Toys and Gift Ideas

Toys are an important educational aid. It helps babies and toddler to develop abilities to function separately from parents. It can also help them to realize the connection between enjoyment and learning.

When selecting baby toys, be realistic about your baby's age and abilities. It is important to purchase toys that are safe and appropriate for their age. Avoid buying those that are too big or loud enough to be scary for them.

Also, steer away from toys and games that has small parts and pieces that may choke your baby.

Babies and toddlers should be introduced to a variety of toy selections and activities as it stimulates different skills development.

Bright Color Toys

By about four months old, babies are more likely to appreciate toys that rattles and other similar toys that they can look at or listen to. At first, babies' visions are fuzzy, so they are attracted to toys that has bright color and high-contrast pattern because these toys are easy for them to see.

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Baby Clothing Guide

Baby Boy Clothing & Baby Girl Clothing Guide

If you are a new mom then here is your guide for your baby clothing.

As we know young babies are not very good at regulating their body temperature, they can become overheated if they wear too much clothing. As a general rule, dress your baby with the same amount of clothing that you are wearing plus one additional thin layer. And always check your baby for temperature changes.

Baby should be dressed on a flat surface like a baby changing table, the floor, or a bed. When dressing for babies, you should carefully guide their head and arms through all openings to avoid the nose and fingers from getting squashed or caught.

Tips for Changing Baby Clothing

  • Be prepared. Before you begin changing your baby, you should set out your baby’s clothes on the changing table or bed
  • Whether your baby is being strapped onto a changing table or has never rolled over before, never leave your baby unattended on a changing table or bed
  • Stretch...
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